2021 Information

Hello and welcome back to those of you who have attended the USSSA Great Lakes Nationals in Evansville, Indiana before and those of you who haven’t welcome. Over the past two years our Nationals have been rated as one of the best events to attend. Last season we had 328 teams entered until COVID hit, but still managed 222 teams.

This year the USSSA Pride will be coming to the event to play games that week. Teams will be able to purchase tickets to go to those game and meet the team. Girls can get autographs and pictures with their favorite players. Opening ceremonies and skills competitions to Monday this year so it will allow us to schedule games on Tuesday so we can be done early on the days the Pride plays to allow teams to go watch. 

Hotel information can be done through the Great Lakes website and is handled through the Evansville CVB. Get them booked early. They can get you great deals. 

Events for the week are: All times will be Central Standard Times


Skills Competition 11:00AM to 3:00PM Go to USSSA.com and find the Great Lakes Nationals Tournament and click on events and you will be able to find all information.  

We will have numerous events set up at during the skills competitions. 

All tournament vendors will be on site at the Skills Competitions, opening ceremonies and throughout the week.

Teams may do pin trading during Opening ceremonies:

We ask that no candy be thrown out:

GO TO www.usssa.com

Click on Great Lakes Nationals Site

Click Events

Coaches meeting: TBA

Coaches sign in 4:30pm- 5:00pm at the Double Tree Inn.

Speakers: Tournament Director: Tim Foster Tournament UIC Chad Roach

We will have numerous drawings: BowNet’s, Balls, Hitting Tees, Protection hitting screens and much more

Tuesday :        Pool play

Wednesday     Pool play 

Thursday        Bracket Play

Friday             Bracket play

Saturday:       Championship day

Sunday:         If needed we will play

USSSA Nationals is seeded on points. Teams will be seeded in pool play. If a team does not have any points they must enter in the highest classification offered. Brackets will be seeded based on your teams finish in pool play.

National Tournament Director: Tim Foster      Nationals 

Site Directors                       

Park: Deaconess 

UIC: Chad Roach

Director: Rich Day

Park: Newburgh

UIC: Paul Hines

Director: Mike Craig

Park: Newman

UIC & Director: Darren Brooks


Park Rules:

One teams cooler allowed

No pets allowed at any parks

No outside food or dinks allowed

No smoking inside any of the facilities

No alcohol allowed 

RV parking is permitted during the day only. No overnight parking

No open burning allowed in any parks:

Tournament rules:

All rules are governed by the USSSA rulebook:

Teams may roster bat all players. If a player is removed then there will be an out issued in that spot

Courtesy runners will be subs if you have any. If no subs then LCAB will be your runner.

Home team is official scorekeeper.

Each game there will be a coin flip.

Lineup cards must consist of full name and number on jersey. Pitchers and catcher must designated.

Infield allowed in first inning only.

Pitchers can do pitches per inning or one minute

One coach can be outside fence while on defense to give signals to pitchers and catchers

All hats worn must be worn with the bill in the front. This includes coaches.\

All teams must provide insurance if you do not have USSSA insurance.

All rosters must be on line.

All guest players must be on line.

NO tolerance Policy:

USSSA has a zero tolerance policy in place for abuse toward any staff member, this includes but not limited to Directors, UIC’S, Umpires, Gate Personnel or Park Personnel. Anyone abusing this policy will be ask to the facility for the day and if needed the entire tournament event.


Gate Fees:: 

Weekly: Adults $35     Daily $10    

             Seniors: $20   Daily $10          

             Children 10U Free

Passes must be worn at all time. Anyone without a pass will be ask to leave: Anyone caught sharing passes will be removed from the week event.


Inclement Weather Policy

If inclement weather occurs there will be no refunds issued.


Contact info:

Indiana USSSA 812-379-9001 business hours Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM EST

After hours 812-350-5129

email tim.foster@usssa.com

When calling the USSSA office ask to speak to Tim Foster or Jennifer Foster