2020 Information


Welcome to the 2020 Great Lakes National to be held in Evansville, Indiana nestled in the South West part of Indiana along the Ohio River. USSSA along with the Evansville Visitors Center and Sports Tourism welcome you to this event. We are all here to provide a fun and safe environment. We are here to help, so anything you need please just reach out to us.

Indiana USSSA is the host for this event. For questions about the tournament you can call us at our office 812-379-9001 between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday EST. You may also call the host Director Tim Foster 812-350-5129 or email Tim at tim.foster@usssa.com.

All teams must be USSSA Sanction and provide a copy of insurance to the host two weeks prior to the tournament.

All rosters must be on line as no paper roster will be taken.

All players must be on the team roster.

Your State Director will also need to mark your team as qualified two weeks prior to the event. Most directors update their teams qualified after each tournament that they host, so please stay in contact with your state director on making sure you get marked as qualified. 

NO spot will be secure until payment has been made, so if you get entered and are not paid, then your team may be replaced by a team paying. 

For housing needs the Housing Bureau Coordinator will be handling that. Email lreese@evansville.org In 24 years of running events these folks do the best job with helping with housing at a cheaper rate than I’ve ever seen. The group works within the Evansville Visitors Center so they try to help your team.

This event will begin on Tuesday July 14th with the skills competitions to be held at Deaconess Park. Evansville is on Central Standard Time, so all events including the tournament times will be conducted with the Central Time Zone. The following are times of skills competitions and Opening Ceremonies.

Skills Competition Information:

When entering the park we will have tables set up to come sign in for the competition you will be entered in. You will receive a card and will take it to the field of competition you will be entering and give it to the persons in charge of that field. For the skills competitions a coach can pick up the card for the Around the Horn.

Gates will open one hour prior to start of competition:

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM   8U/10U/12U 

12:30 PM – 2:30 PM   14U/16U/18U

Fields 1 and 2 Base running: Teams may have three players enter base running

Fields 3 and 4 Around the horn: Teams will need a pitcher, catcher, first, second, third baseman and shortstop

Fields 5-6 Home Run Derby: Team may have three players to enter home run derby. Fields 7 and 8 may be added if needed for home run derby due to time.

Opening Ceremonies:

Opening Ceremonies will begin at 5:00 PM that evening and at this time the site and theme is still TBD, but we this will be updated very soon soon.

Pin Trading will be done also be done at the opening ceremonies on Tuesday evening. 

Coaches meeting 7:00 PM site still TBD, but will be updated soon

At the coaches meeting we will go over tournament rules and park rules: Only 2 coaches please per team.

We will do numerous drawings at the coaches meeting for Bownets, Balls, hitting Tees and more

Any organization with three or more teams entered in the tournament will be entered in a an organizational drawing to win $500.

Pool play games will begin on Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM and run through 8:00 PM

Pool play games will end on Thursday.

Each team will receive three pool play games and go into a double elimination tournament.

Pool play games are seeded. The process of seeding is Power Points, playing points and in Class points.

Bracket play will begin on Friday unless Thursday is needed.

Bracket play is seed on how well you do in pool play.

All game times will be posted 10 days prior to start of the event. If your team is not paid by that time you will be removed from the event, however please remember once we get to the allotted number of teams per age group teams will need to pay or will be replaced by teams paying.

If you enter the event and are paid and drop out 14 days prior to the event your fees will not be refunded until we find a replacement for your team. We try to be as fair on refund policies as possible.

We will have vendors on site along with a tournament photographer. All sales made and any replacements or orders must be handled through the vendor and not USSSA.



Gate Fees:

Weekly Passes: All passes will get you in at all sites.

$35 per person 10  and up

$20 for seniors 62 and over

10 and under free

Daily Passes

$10 per person including seniors

10 and Under free

Any person caught using illegal, bands tickets or trying t share bands to get in or trying to sneak in will be ejected from all playing sites for the week.

All passes must be worn at all times. Refusal to wear them will result in being removed from the park.

Park Rules:

No alcohol allowed on site at any park during this youth event

No tobacco products allowed. This includes no vaping at any site. 

No pets allowed inside the gates are any facility. 

No open burning at any site your team plays at. 

No overnight RV Parking allowed 

No coolers except one team cooler.

Smaller coolers can be use to put Tog Fogs or other cool down products in.

Behavior for the event:

USSSA expects all participants to be on their best behavioral. This includes, coaches, players and spectators. We will not tolerate anyone abusing our Directors, Umpires, Gate Staff, Park Staff or the opposing team you might be playing. This event is to be played for the young ladies that are on the field that have worked very hard to reach the National Event, so please let’s let them enjoy the game. Let’s all make it a fun environment. 

The Tournament Director has the option in case of inclement weather to do the following to get the event  done with a winner.

(A) Cut number of games guaranteed

(B) Drop Losers Bracket

(C) Shorten Time Limits

(D) Shorten innings played

(E) Starting a batter with a count entering the batters Box

(F) Drop dead and revert to the inning before.

Game times will be 75 minute games

(A) Pool play may end in a tie

(B) Must have a winner in bracket play


Rain Out Policy

(A) Once the event starts there will be no refunds

(B) if you enter and drop out two weeks prior to the event then you will lose 50% of your entry

(C) Once brackets are drawn there will be no refund.

If rained out the following process might be taken to determine the winner:

(A) Best Overall record

(B) Head to Head

(C) Least about of runs scored

(D) Most runs scored

(E) If bracket gets rained out and pool play makes then winners will be determined out of pool play.

All of us at USSSA and Evansville thank you for choosing us as your destination TO play in a National event for 2020. Please let us know what we can do to help with any needs you have.


Tim Foster

USSSA Great Lakes Regional Director

Visits: 6606