2022 Information

USSSA would like to welcome back the teams that are returning again to play in the Great Lakes Nationals in Evansville, Indiana. If this is your first time we hope you enjoy your time with us as we take pride in making our teams feel welcome.

This will be our fourth year back to Evansville, which sits along the outer bands of the Ohio River. Evansville is a very beautiful college city with University of Evansville sitting there. 

The city is known for hosting some of the best events in the region as they host numerous NCAA events such as the OVC basketball tournament, the Men’s Division 3 National Championship finals, regional college golf tournament and NCAAA track and field to mention a events. The Evansville Sports Corp and the Evansville CVB are firmly committed to helping partner with USSSA on making the event the best possible event it can be.

The CVB and Sports Corp will also have a nice coaches package with goodies with free things to attend while in the city, which will be past our at the coaches meeting.

Some of the exciting things we will offer is the following:

The skill competition will lead off the ceremonies on Monday at Deaconess and Newburg Parks from 9:00 AM to 12:00. Winners will be announce at the Parade that evening.

USSSA Pride will be on hand for their camp on Monday also.

We will have some fun things set up in the park to do on Monday to do as we will have a carnival setting for the kiddos to have some fun.

On Monday evening a parade that leads through downtown Evansville into the Ford Center where we will have some amazing speakers on hand. Teams can do pin trading during the parade. We do ask that no candy be thrown out. Teams can dress up. We will be announcing our theme in the upcoming weeks. The parade will begin at 5:00 PM.

On Tuesday pool play will begin at numerous sites: Great thing about these sites they are all very close  within 20-25 minutes or less so whatever hotel you stay at will be on key to get you their in a timely manner.

Wednesday we will continue pool play and it will wrap up on Wednesday evening..

Thursday begins bracket play and will continue through Saturday. Sunday will be used as a rainout date.

Coaches meeting: 

Will be on Monday from 3PM to 4PM at the Downtown Double Tree Inn. Check in begins at 2:15 PM.


The USSSA Pride girls as mentioned above will be on hand Monday for their camp. Info will be going out soon on the camp. It will be limited to a certain number of players.

Tuesday night and Wednesday night the USSSA Pride will be hosting two games, one each night as they will play at the historical Bosse Fields. The fields where the movie A league of their Own was Filmed. Last year we seated 9,200 people inside the Bosse Field in the two nights the Pride was on hand. Tickets will go on sale shortly before the event begins after game times for the Nationals are announced.

As always after each night the Pride girls will stay around for their autograph session and pictures to be taken. Limit to one item and one picture as we want everyone to have the opportunity to get to meet and greet their favorite players.

On Monday and Monday night we will have a host of vendors set ?for skills competitions and opening ceremonies at the Ford Center. Vendors will be set up all week to purchase some event apparel. 

As always USSSA as a Zero Tolerance Policy that goes against abusing their staff which is but not limited to the Tournament Directors, UIC’S, Umpires, Gate Workers, Vendors, Park Officials, CVB Officials, Sports Tourism officials and local hotels and restaurants as each one of these named are a very important part of what we do in making this event run so smooth. If failure to follow the rules you can be removed from the entire event. This is the last thing we would ever want to do as we want everyone to come be relaxed and cheer on your favorite team.

Tournament info:

The tournament is a 5 game guarantee. It will be 3 pool into a double or two pool into the three game bracket. 

All rules will govern under the USSSA rule book.

All umpires are hired through Top Level Fastpitch and are USSSA Certified.

Gates will open 1 hour and 30 minutes before the first game each day.

In case of inclement weather call 812-350-3272. Emails will be sent out in group messages also.

The director has a right to change the format if needed for inclement weather to the following:

Eliminate number of games played. 

Eliminated pool play if needed.

Drop time limits if needed. 

Drop loser’s bracket.

There will be no refunds issued due to inclement weather as we pay upfront for all the activities, field rentals, hotel fees for staff, Rental of the Ford Center, awards etc. All umpires are guarantee a certain amount of paid games.


Admission fees are:

Weekly Pass:      $40

Daily Pass:         $15

Seniors weekly   $30

Seniors daily      $10

Under 10 year of age is free

For information on this event call our office Monday through Friday at 812-379-9001. You can also email me at tim.foster@usssa.com